Kay Parker

  • Страна: Великобритания
  • Город: Birmingham
  • Возраст: 72
  • Рост: 168
  • Вес: 53
Porn Star Kay Parker is one of the few erotic actresses who can be counted on to bring a touch of class to any project she's involved with. A buxom British brunette with an air of elegance about her, Kay Parker was born in Birmingham, England on August 28, 1944. Kay Parker broke into adult films in 1977, making the most of her alluring smile and surprisingly lithe and trim -- but oh-so-top-heavy -- figure. Kay Parker starred in over 50 films before she retired from the business, usually playing roles in which she was the older woman seducing the
Сайт модели: http://www.kayparker.net

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