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Длительность: 4мин 14сек Просмотров: 484 Добавлено: 1 год назад Пользователь:
Описание: Daisy recently lost her virginity to her now ex-boyfriend, and although the sex was great, she wanted to get fucked like the girls she'd seen in his porn collection. Soon after the break-up, Daisy decided to try her luck in the industry. Fortunately, we were the first agency to return her call. During the interview part of her audition, Daisy revealed all of her sexual fantasies before stripping down to her thong. Tyler looked over her goods and gave his seal of approval before stuffing her pretty mouth with his hard cock. After an admirable blow job for a first timer, Daisy jumped on his dick and took it for a ride. Tyler pounded her tight pussy and eventually shot his load all over her pretty face.
Канал: Reality Kings
Скачать: 640x360, 15,1 Mb
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